By Outsourcing You:
    • Save on employment costs – No PAYG, Super, Leave etc on your contract bookkeeper
    • Save on training new staff – I am already up to speed
    • Save on your valuable time – Concentrate on what earns you money Save on Accounting costs – Don’t pay accountant fees for bookkeeping services

Do you know of someone who has outsourced their bookkeeping?

I saw a client recently who had been using an outsourced bookkeeper for a number of years, trusting they knew what they were doing. It turned out the bookkeeper had done no Bank Reconciliations for the company and had missed $1000’s in unclaimed GST for legitimate business expenses!

I am a ‘Member in Practice’ of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and you can expect the following from me:

• A Certified Bookkeeper or ICB Member attains that certification having proven that the bookkeeper has performed bookkeeping services at a significant level for a period exceeding 2 years and has a proven level of bookkeping knowledge.

• I have a Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping) which is a requirement of the ICB, this qualification is a relatively recent development in the ability for bookkeeers to have their skills and competence formally, but more importantly “relevantly” recognised within the education system.

• Regular and effective communication – Problems arise when the client and bookkeeper do not communicate.  By reporting to you after each visit you can understand what has been achieved and what is required before the next visit.

• Provision of the output for bookkeeping work: be that operational reports or simply proof that the Bank reconciles, this ensures you see value for money.

• A Member in Practice with ICB must be insured and require minimum Professional Indemnity Insurance.  PII ensures that you, the client, have a level of security.

Clients of ICB Certified Bookkeepers benefit in engaging with a bookkeeper who strives to maintain and enhance their professionalism.

Tick & Tally Bookkeeping can tailor a bookkeeping program to keep you on track.  I can help you sort out the mounds of paperwork that seem to take over the workplace, car, ute, glovebox or home office.